Jhelian Ellwood

Dalish Rogue (Archer) , Guardian of her Clan's Keeper-in-training


Jhelian Ellwood
Dalish Rogue (Archer)
Lvl : 5

Strength 1
Constitution 1
Dexterity 4 (Bow)
Cunning 3 (Cultural Lore, Poison Lore, Nagivation)
Communication 1
Perception 3 (Seeing, Tracking, Search)
Willpower 1
Magic 0

Combat Ratings:
Speed: 16
HP 47
Defensive: 14
Armor 5

Light Blades (Dagger 1d6+1)
Long Bow, Yew 1, quiver, 20 arrows (1d68 damage)
Quiver, 20 Wounding Arrows (1d6+9)

Archery 2 (+1 to Aim, Pierce Armor 1pt)
Quick Reflexes
Scout (reroll Sneak)
Poison Making (Novice)
Rogue’s Armor (no penalties for Leather Armor)
Dalish Background: Languages: Trade(speak, write), Elven (speak) +1 Will (legendarily stubborn)

Magic Items/Equipment:
Elven Heartwood Mantle (No penalties to tracking/detection in the wilds, Upper Hand for 3 SP instead of 4)
Crow Poison Recipe
Deathroot Poison Recipe


Jhelian Ellwood

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