The Embers of the Blight

The Blight that rampaged through Fereldan just a year ago can be seen all over the land. While King Alistair manages restoring the Kingdom, and the Warden-Commander oversees the rebuilding of the Grey Wardens and managing the “Thawing” of the lands. Refugees who fled before the Blight are slowly coming back to their homes.

Meanwhile, enterprising sorts have started plumbing the deep roads, believing that they are safer now that two major darkspawn excursions have been blunted against the damp stone walls of Fereldan. Others have looked towards Fereldan’s current weakness as an opportunity. While local attention has been focused on rampaging Darkspawn and civil war, the world outside of Fereldan has been continuing on, conflicts.

What has come before….

Dragon Age: Lost Eminence

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