Embers of the Blight

Act 1: Learning from History

On the eve of the celebration of the end of the Fifth Blight, one more addition is made to the guest list, Empress Celene I of Orlais. This arrival sets the city on edge as the specter of Orlesian occupation weighs heavily on everyone’s mind. Meanwhile, Bann Shianni Tabris is worried about keeping the Denerim Alienage secure during the celebration and the gathering of nobles, knowing that any signs of weakness will cost her what little influence she has in the court.

Rumors of Bann Aric Morten sending in agents to the Alienage cause Shianni’s own trusted mercenaries to root out the source of the problem, quickly and quietely. The possible involvement of Orlesian Chevaliers eventually leads their investigation to the Orlesians staying in the estate of the former Arl of Denerim. There, it is discovered that the same Chevalier that met with Bann Morten the previous day was now in the Alienage with an escort. Armed with this knowledge, the agents begin looking for Ser Jacqueline Girard, not knowing that they have already found her in disguise and quickly heading somewhere in the Alienage.

When pressed, Ser Girard claimed to be in the Alienage to stop the kidnapping of the Bann’s uncle, Cyrion Tabris, and possibly her cousin, Soris Tabris as well. Some tense moments later, the group ultimately moved quickly to save Cyrion, encountering a group of brigands breaking into the elf’s home…


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