Ser Perth

Knight of Bann Morten


Human Fighter (Level 4)

Strength 4 Heavy Blades, Light Blades
Constitution 3
Dexterity 3 Initiative
Cunning 1 Military Lore
Communication 1 Leadership
Perception 1
Willpower 2 Self-Discipline, Courage
Magic 0

Defense: 18
Health: 60
Armor: 9

Speed: 10 (13)

Bastard Sword + 6 2d6 + 6
Crossbow + 3 2d6 + 2

Weapon Groups:
Heavy Blades, Light Blades, Bows

Weapon and Shield (Journeyman) *Master
Single Weapon Style (Novice) *Journeyman
Armor Training (Novice) *Journeyman
Command (Novice)
Quick Reflexes (Novice)


Masterwork Veridium Bastard Sword
Masterwork Veridium Heavy Shield
Masterwork Veridium Light Plate


Ser Perth is one of Bann Morten’s most trusted and senior knights with all that might entail. He is well equipped and trained, and has numerous men under his command, the core of which all have advanced training and first pick of gear.

Martaine’s Thoughts

His armor certainly is comfortable. And Solid. And mine.

Ser Perth

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