Martaine Ar Grissall O Frosthold


3 Communication (Animal Handling, Leadership)
4 Constitution (Stamina)
1 Cunning
3 Dexterity (Initiative)
0 Magic
1 Perception (Hearing)
3 Strength (Climbing, Heavy Blades)
1 Willpower

Weapon Groups: Brawling, Heavy Blades, Spears, Axes
Languages: Trade Tongue (spoken only)
Speed: 11 (10 + 3 – 4 + 2(boots))
Health 69
Defense: 16
Armor: 9(penalty: -4)
Initiative: 3d6+5

Throwing Spear: 3d6+4 to hit, 1d6+6 damage
Ser Perth’s a Bastard Sword: 3d6+6 to hit, 2d6+5 damage

Weapon and Shield style (Journeyman): Full defense bonus from shields
Thrown Weapon style (Novice): +1 to hit with thrown weapons (factored in above)
Armor Training (Journeyman): Can wear plate armor with no penalty to dexterity
Quick Reflexes (Novice): Make make a ready action as a free action once per round
Animal Training (Novice): 1 week of training to train an animal to follow a simple, one-word command.


Awesome Falcon

Boots of +1 stamina for long marches and +2 speed.

Big billowy cloak
Traveler’s garb
Great Axe 3d6+3
2 x Throwing Spear 1d6+6
Fancy Heavy Mail (armor 7, 1 less armor penalty)
5 pints of oil
Flint and Steel
3 weeks travel rations
Rope (20 yards)
6 spikes
5 torches
5 healing potions
Small Tent
Mountain Garb

Ser Perth’s former gear gets its own section because I want to rub his nose in it:
Ser Perth’s Masterwork Veridium Bastard Sword (+1 hit/Damage)
Ser Perth’s Masterwork Veridium Heavy Shield (boosts weapon and shield style by 1)
Ser Perth’s Masterwork Veridium Light Plate (Light plate with +1 armor and applies the title “Bane of Morten” when worn. Boosts armor training by 1)

Remaining Money: 4sp 3cp (Owes Cale 50sp)
(Level 5)


Martaine Ar Grissall O Frosthold

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