Mabari Warhound who likes his name


Abilities (Focuses)
0 Communication
2 Constituion (Running)
-1 Cunning
3 Dexterity (Bite)
-1 Magic
2 Perception (Smelling, Tracking)
2 Strength (Jumping)
1 Willpower (Morale)

Combat Ratings
Speed: 16
Health: 25
Defense: 13
Armor: 0

Bite: + 5 1d6 + 4

Favored Stunts
Knock Prone and Mighty Blow


Cale’s Thoughts

Awesome Companion, or Awesomest Companion the question remains.

Eliseath’s Thoughts

He is a big cuddly puppy with a heart of gold, and jaws like a bear trap. What is there not to love?

Aitor’s Thoughts

I’ll give the dog this much, he bathes more regularly than most of the humans around here.


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