Lindel Brunwyn


Communication: 3 (Bargaining)
Constitution: 0
Cunning: 3 (Natural Lore, Cultural Lore, Healing)
Dexterity: 2
Magic: 5 (Primal Magic, Creation Magic)
Perception: 0
Strength: 0
Willpower: 3

Apostate Package
+1 Willpower
Cunning (Natural Lore)
Speak and Read Trade Language
+1 magic
Cunning (Cultural Lore)
Speak Elven (Free)

Derived Statistics
Level: 5
Hp: 43
MP: 53
Spellpower: 15 (Primal 17, Creation 17)
Defense: 12
Speed: 14

Heal (TN: 10, Cost: 1-3MP, 1d6 health per MP, Range: Touch)
Rejuvenate (TN: 15, Cost: 5 MP, Effect: Gain 1d6 immediate and 1d6 at the start of every turn for 5 turns, Range: 10 yards)
Winter’s Grasp (TN: 12, Cost: 3MP, Test: SP vs Con (Stamina), Dmg: 1d6, Range: 20 yards)
Frost Weapons (TN: 15, Cost: 6MP, Duration: 1 turn for first 6mp, 1 turn for each additional 3mp, Range: 10 yards)
Rock Armor (TN: 10, Cost: 3-8MP, Duration: 1 hour per MP)

Journeyman: Chirurgy [Heal is a minor action for you. You heal double the dragon dice + cunning]
Novice: Primal Magic [Create a small flame in hand.]
Novice: Creation Magic [Create a glowing orb that functions like a lantern and illuminates a 10 yard radius at will]
Novice: Quick Reflexes [Once per round ready as a free action]
Weapon Group: Brawling and Staves

Healer’s Kit (25 sp)
Pouch Belt (1 sp)
Tent, Small (10 sp)
Waterskin (40 cp)
Lantern (5 sp)
Oil, Pint x4 (32 cp)
Quarterstaff with Lyrium Markings {+1 to creation spells}
Cloak of the Wilds {+1 to constitution and stamina in the Kocari wilds}
Improved First Aid Kit {Token from Ser Cauthrien: +1 to healing checks, ability to make rank 1 potions anywhere}
Lesser Lyrium Potions (x5)
Lesser Healing Potions (x4)
Lyrium Potions (x3)
Ancient Book written in Elvish, Ancient Tevine and Kossoth. (Unknown)
1 Unknown Lyrium Potions (x1)
1 Medium Lyrium Potions (x1)
0 “Better Quality” Lyrium Potion (x1)
Mountain Garb (x1)

Potions Known
Lesser Lyrium Potion (1d6+magic) (Novice)
Lesser Healing Potion (Novice)
Minor Sleep Aid Potion (Novice)
Lyrium Potion (Journeyman)
Ink of Warding (Journeyman)

Money: 263 silver

Experience: 11,100

Money Usage:
40 silver pieces for 2x lesser lyrium potion reagents.
Pints of Oil x6 (32 cp)
3 weeks of ration (5.8 sp)
Waterskin x1 (32 cp)
4x Reagents for Lesser Lyrium Pots (13 TN, 2hrs per check): 100sp
2x Reagents for Lyrium Pots (15 TN, 4 hrs per check): (-12 lesser healing pots)
25x Reagents for Lesser Healing Pots (13 TN, 2hrs per check): 90sp
0x Paint of Warding
Mountain Garb x1 (10 sp)
Hale Horse x1 (100 sp)

Level Upgrades:
Level 2: +4 hp, +7 mana, +1 magic, primal magic focus, novice: primal magic (novice), +1 spell (Frost Weapons)
Level 3: +6 hp, +10 mana, +1 communication, bargaining focus, chirurgy (journeyman)
Level 4: +2 hp, +6 mana, +1 cunning, creation magic focus, creation magic (novice), +1 spell (Rejuvenate).
Level 5: +6 hp, +10 mana, +1 communication, healing focus, quick reflexes (novice)


Lindel Brunwyn

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