Eliseath Wormwood

Will it blend? That is the Question?


Eliseath Wormwood
City Elf Rogue (Living Blender)

Cunning:4(historical lore, research)
Dexterity:5 (light blades, stealth, Traps, initiative)(6 for acrobatics)

Health 46
Speed 17
Defensive: 15
Armor: 5
Initiative +7

Weapon groups
Brawling, light blades, bows
Sword of the Serpent Damage: 1d6+4
To hit: 3d6+7 (1 when charging, +2 when sneaking), activate action to get +1 attack or Defense
Main Hand Short Sword: 1d6
To hit: 3d6+7 (+1 when charging, +2 when sneaking), activate action to get +1 attack or Defense

Rogue Abilities/Talents
Backstab-exactly what it sounds like
Thieves armor
Scouting-reroll stealth
Speak Language: Tevinter, Dwarven, Trade
Dual Weapon Style (Journeyman)-less cost for lightning attack, may activate for +1 to attack or defense
Linguistics: Dwarven, Ancient Tevine
Bluff-can make deception check to backstap

Short Sword
Long Bow (with 60 arrows)
Heavy Leather

2.5 weeks of Rations
Travelers garb
Waterskin x2
small tent
Flint and Steel
Belt Pouch
Rope x2
lock picks
spikes x6
oil x15
Climbing Pick
ink x5
Trinkets from Cave
lesser healing potion 2d6+con health
Short Sword Of the Serpent:
New Short Sword, 1 damage.
Sword Damage: 1d6
To hit: 3d6+7 (1 when charging, +2 when sneaking), activate action to get +1 attack or Defense
New Kickass Armor (
1 acrobatics, 1 armor)
Riding Horse
mountain garb
Longstrider boots (
2 movement, +1 stamina for long distance travel)

Money remaining: 4 gold 63 sp, 65 cp
Current XP 11100

1340 in loot, not all mine


Eliseath was not born into slavery. Unlike many slaves, who know no better existence, Eliseath was born free to a tribe of Dalish elves which was raided by slavers. He watched his mother and sisters raped (you know, because that is what slavers do), and was then separated from his family and sold into the home of a Tevinter Magister. There he was trained to assist his master in his various intrigues. Assassination, infiltration, spying. He was treated well, but given his experiences, he viewed his condition in bondage to be an abomination, and initially, he viewed mages the same way. In fact, he viewed any exercise of power as being akin to an exercise of evil.

Then, his master got some new slaves, Elves from the Ferelden city of Denerim. This, he would not tolerate. The taking of slaves under the guise of a quarantine was not just slavery, it was dishonest slavery, and the enslavement of those who were ostensibly free from bondage and who had a reasonable expectation of safety. That struck him as simply being too wrong for him to stand idly by. So he escaped. There may or may not have been a few severed carotid arteries along the way. He made his way to Denerim, intent on assassinating the slavers in their sleep and found the work already done. Of course, shortly thereafter, the city came under siege by a dark spawn horde and the walled Alienage was an internal strongpoint. Needless to say, with all of those defenseless people and no where else to go, he helped in its defense.

The siege of Denerim however, changed his outlook. In addition to working with an Antivan mage, one Aitor Extebarri, and seeing the exploits of several other mages including Wynn in the city’s defense, he could no longer view mages, or anyone really, as some sort of monolithic group. He also could not view power the same way he had before. He realized that he, in fact, had a certain power. Afterall, did he not possess more power than the otherwise defenseless residents of the alienage? Yes. He in fact did. What he came to realize is that power to its varying degrees and types is really just an expanded range of possible choices. An unarmed peasant has far fewer choices when a city is attacked than someone with weapons armor and training has, while the choices available to a mage are more expansive in number and the consequences can be greater in scope. The more choices there are, the greater the chance that someone will make a mistake and fuck things up by accident, and also the greater potential for corruption. However, the same is true in reverse. The potential to do real concrete good in the world is also greater. As a result, he redirected his ire against those who use their power to harm others for their own gain, or who would stifle those who would use their power to good purpose.

Eliseath Wormwood

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