Captain Guillermo Fabila Acosta

Captain of the ship hired to get the PCs out of Denerim


Captain Acosta is a serious-looking individual, but possesses a somewhat macabre sense of humor. His specific business is not spoken of directly by himself or his crew, including his first mate, Amaya Ramos. The ship and most of the crew are Rivani, with a few others of various nationalities involved, two are Nevarran, one Anders, two Fereldans and three Antivans. Only one of his crew is Orlesian, but he does not talk much, though he and the sole surface dwarf do tend to stick together.

His ship, Llorando Susurro, is a mid-sized ship, with fine Rivani craftsmanship. It is old, however, and has likely seen better days, but it is still sea-worthy.

Captain Guillermo Fabila Acosta

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