5'8, shaggy brown hair and 2 days since the last shave.


Name: Cale
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Eyes: Green
Hair: Brown
Height: 5’8
Weight: 144pds
Class: Rogue
Race: Human (Fereldan)

HP: 51
Defense: 14
Speed: 13
Armor Rating: 4
Gold: 0
Silver: 240
Copper: 13

Communication: 3 (Focus: Animal handling, Deception)
Constitution: 2
Cunning: 1 (Focus: Natural Lore)
Dexterity: 3 (Focus: Stealth)
Magic: 0
Perception: 4
Strength: 2 (Focus: Axe)
Willpower: 1 (Focus: Courage)

Fereldan Freeman background: +1 Con, Willpower courage, speak and read King’s (Trade) Tongue, +1 Com, Communication Animal Handling.

Backstab: If striking from unexpected directions in melee combat (opposed stealth vs perception roll) +2 to strike and +1d6 damage

Rogue’s Armor: No penalty from leather armor.

Scout: can reroll stealth tests.

Animal Trainer, teach animals to preform single word command as many commands as your communication number
Journeymen: Train animals to follow more complex commands, takes 2 weeks to teach and can teach total number of commands equal to communication +2

Archery Style: +2 to attack when aiming with bow
Journeymen: reload bow as free action.

Bluff: Use Communication Deception test to backstab opponent you are adjacent to.

flint & Steel
3wks ration
3 pints oil
3 spikes
Travelers garb
(2) waterskin
heavy leather armor
Throwing Axe 1 to damage, mighty blow cost 1sp instead of 2
Longbow, +1 damage, 10% to long range (not to short range) 1d6
Bow and 40 Arrows
2 wks trail ration for him and Maim.
3 pints oil
3 spikes
2 potion of light healing
1 bedroll
mountain grab
Boots, +2 Movement, +1 Stamina for travel

Maim: Mabari Warhound (painted in leaf pattern on both shoulders)


Background: Call Me Cale:

My story is uninteresting. Let me tell you another one. One I heard while I was out by the forest. There was a minor Bann, his only great blessing people would say was that he had 5 strapping sons. The first was sent to the capital to stay with a friend, learn the proper ways of a bann and represent his families interest. The second was kept home to learn the land. The thrid was apprenticed to a knight to learn to fight. The fourth was sent to the chantry to pray to the maker. The fifth was the death of his mother and his fathers greatest comfort in old age.

The second son spent his time in the fields and woods, he loved the wilds and the thrill of the hunt, to swim in deep clear pools in the wild no other man ever saw, to ride under green shadow for days… He hunted beasts that troubled the farmers and brought in meat, deer mostly but every now and again other beast. When he was 17, he hunted and slew a man eating bear single handed. That got him a local reputation of sorts. His father withdrawn, his brothers either gone or to young, he more or less ran things as he saw fit and there weren’t much complaining.

Now the Dalish would come by, maybe once or twice a season. Our second son, he held that that in his own words, people are people. So as long as the elves behaved themselves, he made sure they weren’t hassled. Seemed fair to him at the time he told me. They treated him well enough in response.

Well the first son would return from time to time, to touch base as it were with his father. Being in the capital had changed him to the point that he didn’t get on well with his brother. So our friend the second son mostly kept to the wilds when his elder brother visisted. Here’s where the trouble started. He had gone deeper then was perhaps wise into the woods and on his way back turned to check on a Dalish Camp he knew. Hungry for a hot meal he didn’t have to cook maybe. The camp had been ransacked and the elves assulated. The elder of the camp told him a sad story about a gang of ruffians who had attack stolen and kidnapped some of the girls. He was infuratied.

He grabbed more arrows and whislted up his hound. He had bonded with Mabari in another interesting story,but we won’t get into that. Leapt up on his horse and took off without another word. He maybe should have listened. The trail was easy to follow, wasn’t many paths a group on horseback could take anyways. He chased them hell for leather, caught up to them right at sun set. There were 5 of them and he didn’t even blink. He whipped out his bow and set an arrow on the string and opened up, hollering and screaming as if he was Dane himself.

First arrow missed, as did the second. The thrid slammed into the rear riders head, as he turned to face him. He tore through the group, stabbing another with a arrow he had in his hand on the way. The kidnaped elf girls took advantage of the confusion to throw themselves off their horses, running off into the woods. The second son stopped up the path. It was narrow, hemmed in by old trees and rocks and getting dark. He was between them and the way out of the forest and they knew it. They also knew it was 3 to one and he didn’t have a sword, only a knife and an hatchet. He stood against the charge and took up the bow. Arrows flashed through the evening gloom, one killed a horse, another struck a man in the leg, the last thudded into a bare chest sweeping the target off his horse completely. The injured man had a sword, our friend the second son had a knife… And a good, faithful hound. The hound dragged the last man kicking and screaming from the horse and tore his throat out.

The second son lit a torch so he could get a look at the bandits he had slain and realized he recogized two of them. One was the Sheriff’s son. The Sheriff was a distant figure who he barely knew but he damn well knew that no one takes well to having their boy killed. The next one he recogized was his own brother. Now maybe the law would rule for him. Attacking, stealing and kidnapping is wrong, even when the targets are elves. On the other hand, slaying your older brother and the son of a Sheriff isn’t looked on well either. The battle field was filled with evidence of who did what if you knew how to look and he doubted his ability to hide what he done or lie about… He wasn’t sure he cared to anyways. Why should he? The Dalish had been under his hand and everyone knew it! He done what he was suppose to… And they likely hang him anyways. He decided to make a run for it and to hell with it all anyways.

He took his brother’s sword, which before had been his father’s and left it in front of the house of his birth. He told me that his father came out, took one look at him sitting on his horse, with the sword stuck in the ground… And turned his back.

I shared a camp with him before he decided to strike deeper into woods. I decided to come here, I’m a woodsmen by trade but thought I rustle up some coin for myself here. Before he went, he told the dog there to come with me. Yes. If you ask me, the second son of a poor but proud minor Bann went into the Brecilian forest and he will never return. Maker have mercy on his soul.


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