Bann Aric Morten


Bann Morten is an influential, if generally disliked member of the Bannorn. His family is known to be ruthless and cruel, and Aric is known to have championed that reputation during his rule. He sided with Loghain during the civil war, and his forces have always been involved in any purges of the Alienage, often with himself or one of his offspring leading the forces. His holdings suffered little during the Blight, and so as a result, he has become even more influential than before, as many other of Bannorn have been more seriously affected by the Blight.

As far as Aric is concerned, he is as powerful as any Arl, and believes that he should be granted the title he has earned, something that was likely was promised to him by Loghain in return for his support.

The symbol of his lands are that of a green shield and sword over a yellow backing.

Cale’s Thoughts

A damn puppy kicker, trying to have our boss’ uncle kidnapped. Who does that kind of crap? Puppy kickers, that’s who.

Maasad’s Thoughts

He should be removed from the world. Swiftly.

Eliseath’s Thoughts

I think this son of a whore needs to spend a few days hanging upside down over a fire. Not enough to cook, just to make him sweat into his own eyes. Of course, you want to let him rest so a blood vessel does not burst in his brain. Then—mind you, this is mandatory—he needs to be placed in a burlap sack and be beaten with reeds. This is a fairly standard punishment among my people. Once he has been battered and bruised sufficiently—until he weeps— then it is time for my most favored punishment of all. The rack, followed by the gibbet. Don’t look at me like that. I was raised in Tevinter, and am a product of the environment in which I was raised.

Aitor’s Thoughts

Only in Ferelden could there somehow possibly be doubt as to what to do with this man. In Antiva he would not have lived long enough for anyone important to know his name.

Bann Aric Morten

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