Aitor Extebarri

Antivan Elf Apostate Mage


Apostate Mage Elf:

Final Stats:
Strength 1
Constitution 1
Dexterity 5 (Stealth)
Cunning 0
Communication 2 (Persuasion)
Perception 2 (Seeing)
Willpower 2 (Self-Discipline)
Magic 5 (Entropy, Spirit)

Speed: 17
Health: 42/42
Mana: 24/48
Defense: 15
Armor: 4

Initiative: 3d6+5
EXP: 11400
Gold: 2
Silver: 72
Copper: 60

Novice Entropy Magic (Deathsight, sense how many rounds it will take for someone to die.)
Journeyman Entropy Magic (Reduce mana cost of Entropy magic by 1. New Entropy Spell)
Novice Spirit Magic (Sense emotional state as a free action.)
Journeyman Spirit Magic (Reduce mana cost of Spirit magic by 1. New Spirit Spell)

Light Leather Armor + 1
Traveler’s Garb
Mountain Garb
2x Waterskin
1x Enchanted 1-handed Military Flail (Your new Morning Star can now not only be used to cast Arcane Lances, but when making a melee attack, you may count the melee attack AS an arcane lance for any stunts or special abilities related to it.) (1d6+4)
1x 1-handed Military Flail (1d6+4)
1x Wand
20 yards, rope
Lantern w/ 20x flasks oil
6 weeks, traveling rations
12 bottles of Common Wine
5 bottles of Fine Wine
1 bottle of Outstanding Wine
4x Lesser Lyrium Potions (1d6+5)
1x Moderate Lyrium Potion (2d6+5)
1x Lesser Healing Potion (2s6+1)
Flint and Steel
3x Spikes
The Pendant of Decay (Fast Casting is 3 SP instead of 4, +1 Spellpower for Entropy)
Treatise on Spirit Magic
Small Tent

Riding Horse
10x Days w/ fodder

Mind Blast [2 mana, target 12, Strength:Might]
Shock (1d6+5 Penetrating) [4 mana, target 13, Con:Stamina]
Weakness [2 mana, target 11, Magic:Spirit]
Drain Life (1d6+5 Penetrating) [3 mana, target 12, Con:Stamina]
Paralyze [6 mana, target 16, Con:Stamina]
Arcane Shield [3 mana +1/round, target 14]
Fade Shield [5 mana +2/round, target 15]

Lvl 1
+1 Dexterity
Focus: Dexterity, Stealth
+1 Willpower
Focus: Willpower, Self-Discipline
Speak: Antivan
Speak: Trade Tongue
Linguistics: Speak: Ancient Tevine

Lvl 2
+1 Magic
Focus: Magic, Entropy
Novice Entropy Magic

Lvl 3
+1 Dexterity
Focus: Perception, Seeing
Journeyman Entropy Magic

Lvl 4
+1 Magic
Focus: Magic, Spirit
Novice Spirit Magic

Lvl 5
+1 Constitution
Focus: Communication, Persuasion
Journeyman Spirit Magic


Aitor Extebarri

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